Angus Witherby

Angus (FPIA, CPP, CILTA) has 30 years experience in the public and private sector, and has managed planning departments in local government. He has a sound knowledge of planning theory and practice, having taught planning for 15 years at the University of New England. He also was Director of the Centre for Local Government for 2 years. Mr. Witherby has a long track record as a Town Planner, and has undertaken projects across a diverse range of town planning subdisciplines. His core competencies are:

- Community development, liaison and facilitation

- Project coordination and management

- Public liaison and presentations

- Rapid production of work and the ability to multi-task Teaching, training and educational package development

- Wide general knowledge and the ability to apply learning from one area to new areas; systems thinking

- Wide knowledge and experience of local government and planning systems including NSW and other jurisdictions including sound understanding of legal principles and frameworks

He has specialist knowledge in the following primary areas:

- Planning for natural hazards

- Community development

- industrial land development

- Rural and resource management planning and development

- Local Government

- Transport planning

- Retail planning and policy

- Performance based approaches to development control

Angus works in the business on a part-time basis. Direct all enquiries to the Victorian Office.

Biondi Samputra

Biondi is our Trainee Planner/Graduate Planner. He provides support in terms of research and investigations associated with new projects and initial report drafting.

Alexis Strong

Alexis is one of our technical support officers and a data analyst. Alexis also provides in-field survey support including conducting customer and consumer surveys, parking surveys and traffic counts. Alexis also provides IT support.

Brandon Strong

Brandon is one of our technical support officers and also conducts field survey work including customer and consumer surveys, parking surveys and traffic counts. Brandon also undertakes bookkeeping work for the company.

Joan Witherby

Joan is the Business Manager for Wakefield Planning and overseas staff, accounting and business operations.


Wakefield Planning has access to a large range of related professionals who are engaged on an as-needed basis depending on the specific project. Available professions/skills utilised on a regular basis include: ecologists, spatial analysis and GIS, heritage and archeology, engineering and surveying. Through strong professional networks we can also access and deliver many other professional skills for projects as required.